| Publish date: 06/26/2018 (Last updated: December 13, 2018 10:31 AM)

What is a Mining Rig?

A mining rig is the computer system that is used to mine any cryptocurrency.

Rigs can have different purposes. Some are solely dedicated to mining and are built and optimized for such. Other rigs can serve alternate functions like working as a gaming system. These rigs are only used to mine part time for a little additional income.

Building a mining rig has changed drastically over the years. Below are some tips to keep in mind when looking to put together a rig.

It’s important to note that while GPUs were once the way to go when building a mining rig, they are no longer very profitable, if even at all. This is due to large electric bills that arise when the system is run. But even with free electricity, the increased difficulty in mining and the rise of GPU prices has almost guaranteed the rigs to never pay for themselves.

When more than one GPU card is installed, don’t use a motherboard with on-board graphics. Instead, use a motherboard that does not have on-board graphics if more than one GPU card is installed.

Best Practices

Due to the high price in shipping supplies, it can be cheaper to buy from a single supplier, even if some of those parts aren’t the cheapest on the market. When building a rig, the goal is to minimize costs so that passive income can be earned as quickly as possible.

Mining rigs can produce a significant amount of heat. It’s advised to store the rigs in a cold room with fans or a window easily accessible.

Some of the parts needed to build a rig include the following: a power supply, motherboard, CPU, memory card, graphics card, and storage hard drive. Of these, the graphics card is often the most expensive part.


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