Market Update 7.22.18 – Crypto Markets Seeing Green

| Publish date: 07/22/2018

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Crypto Markets Seeing Green

It is interesting to see that crypto markets are seeing mostly green today, which is proof of its continuous momentum in this week’s upswing. The top ten digital currencies are reportedly gaining strength, as they are up as much as 8 percent. Of course, Bitcoin leads the race and Ethereum follows the second spot.

As per press time, the top cryptocurrency is trading at $7,426 and is up just under 1 percent on the day. Bitcoin, in particular, managed to perform an intraday low of $7.246. Ethereum, on the other hand, has experienced a much more growth over the past 24 hours. It is up almost 5 percent and is trading at $466 at press time.

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Huobi To Build Crypto Exchange in Cloud

Houbi is the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency exchange platform in terms of trade volume. Apparently, it is now reportedly interested in a business arm which is meant to help customers build their own digital asset exchanges. It is called the Huobi Cloud, a service designed to set up clients with a “one-stop solution.”

The service is also meant to help them build and secure digital asset exchanges in a much quicker pace. Although the company has gone to reveal the new service, it has yet to go into detail. Many see the Houbi Cloudi as a way to strike up a brand new global partnership. It is exciting to see just where this service could be in the next months or so.

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Coinbase Forms Political Action Committee

Coinbase is basically a cryptocurrency exchange. Now, it is reportedly forming a political action committee, as per the disclosure from the U.S. Federal Election Commission. The latter simply revealed that the exchange created the “Coinbase Inc. Political Action Committee.” It is worth noting, however, that (as per press time) it has yet to either raise or donate money.

There is a reason why PACs are formed in the United States. For starters, they are meant to help raise funds on behalf of candidates running for public office. Although this is the first PAC Coinbase formed, it has already donated over $81,000 for political causes.

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Total Market Cap: July 22

The volume of trade in the crypto market sat at $11.03 billion. The market’s capitalization, on the other hand, reached $280.57 billion.

Bitcoin Price Analysis: July 22

In the past 24 hours, Bitcoin jumped 0.72% to trade at $7,394.51. The leading cryptocurrency’s trade volume trickled to $3.5 billion, while its market slid to $126.91 billion.

Ethereum Price Analysis: July 22

Ethereum’s price jumped 0.13% to trade at $462.29. As for the altcoin’s trading volume, it reached $1.42 billion; whereas its market capitalization hit $46.62 billion.

State of the Top 10 Cryptocurrencies: July 22

In the past 24 hours, all prices are up except for XRP’s and Thether’s, with the latter falling at the 10th spot.

  • Bitcoin’s market price jumped 0.69% to $7,392.02, and its value in the market is $126.87 billion.
  • Ethereum’s market price jumped 0.15% to $462.39, and its value in the market is $46.63 billion.
  • XRP’s market price fell 0.17% to $0.451339, and its value in the market is $17.74 billion.
  • Bitcoin Cash’s market price jumped 1.11% to $783.30, and its value in the market is $13.51 billion.
  • EOS’ market price jumped 0.88% to $8.02, and its value in the market is $7.19 billion.
  • Stellar’s market price jumped 4.36% to $0.291680, and its value in the market is $5.47 billion.
  • Litecoin’s market price jumped 1.08% to $83.57, and its value in the market is $4.81 billion.
  • Cardano’s market price jumped 0.19% to $0.165550, and its value in the market is $4.29 billion.
  • IOTA’s market price jumped 0.64% to $0.991905, and its value in the market is $2.76 billion.
  • Tether dethrones TRON at the 10th spot, but its market price felling 0.04 % to $0.999257, and its value in the market is $2.66 billion.

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