Market Update 5.07.2018 – EOS Price Goes Beyond $18

| Publish date: 05/07/2018

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EOS Price Goes Beyond $18

EOS has once again set a new all-time high, and it is expected to hold yet another record this year. It turns out that it is finally recovering from this weekend’s devastation, as incredibly shown by its positive momentum. This contributed to EOS price hitting above the $18-mark again.

Although such gain is somewhat impressive, it still remains to be seen if whether or not it can maintain above the said figure. It is worth noting that the altcoin is the only digital currency to achieve a 6.7% gain, at least in the last 24 hours; whereas most other cryptocurrencies came up with red.

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Warren Buffet Likens Bitcoin to a ‘Rat Poison Squared’

Berkshire Hathaway’s chairman and CEO, Warren Buffet, has yet another interesting take on Bitcoin. This time around, though, he compares the number one digital currency to a rat poison. The billionaire made his snide comments during the company’s annual shareholder meeting. He reiterated his view towards the cryptocurrency, suggesting that it is “probably rat poison squared.”

As mentioned, this is not the first time Buffet made some negative comments about Bitcoin. Just last week, he deemed investing in Bitcoin a gamble and not really an investment. In January, he warned investors about all cryptocurrencies, saying that they would only arrive at a “bad ending.”

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Litecoin Price Gradually Builds Support Near $165

It is no secret that a dip is always expected once most cryptocurrencies begin to regain a lot of value in rapid succession. And this past weekend may have perfectly illustrated this notion. Litecoin price, in particular, lost around 4.9% but it still managed a setback for short-term speculators.

Litecoin price has indeed been very stable this past week, with its momentum holding steadily at $144 for the most part. Judging by it, there is a possibility for an uptrend anytime soon. In fact, it is beginning to show up, with the altcoin’s price starting to go over $182.

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Total Market Cap: May 7

As compared to yesterday, the volume of trade in the crypto market dropped to $23.89 billion. The market’s capitalization also went down a notch to $431.06 billion.

Bitcoin Price Analysis: May 7

In the past 24 hours, Bitcoin’s price continued to fall by 2.83% to $9,312.38. The leading cryptocurrency’s trade volume also dripped to $6.87 billion, while its market dropped to $158.50 billion.

Ethereum Price Analysis: May 7

Ethereum’s price fell 8.06% to trade at $717.89. The altcoin’s trading volume, however, went up a bit to $3.34 billion; whereas its market capitalization sat at $71.26 billion.

State of the Top 10 Cryptocurrencies: May 7

Same as yesterday, all prices – with EOS’ being an exception – have significantly dropped today. Meanwhile, TRON managed to hold the 10th place, keeping NEO at the 11th spot.

  • Bitcoin’s market price fell 2.83% to $9,312.38, and its value in the market is $158.50 billion.
  • Ethereum’s market fell 8.06 % to $717.89, and its value in the market is $71.28 billion.
  • Ripple’s market fell 5.63% to $0.823270, and its value in the market is $32.25 billion.
  • Bitcoin Cash’s market fell 7.32% to $1,605.36, and its value in the market is $27.48 billion.
  • EOS’s market price jumped 5. 13% to $17.98, and its value in the market is $15.12 billion.
  • Litecoin’s market price fell 5.21% to $161.19, and its value in the market is $9.09 billion.
  • Cardano’s market price fell 4.69% to $0.328836, and its value in the market is $8.53 billion.
  • Stellar’s market price fell 4.53% to $0.393008, and its value in the market is $7.30 billion.
  • IOTA’s market price fell 5.73% to $2.14, and its value in the market is $5.95 billion.
  • TRON’s market price fell 1.11% to $0.082026, and its value in the market is $5.39 billion.

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