AMD Launching 8 New Crypto-Mining Solutions

| Publish date: 11/06/2018

Advanced Micro Devices Inc., more popularly known as AMD, announced on November 5 on its website that it is partnering with 7 technology majors to produce 8 new cryptocurrency mining rigs. The announcement was listed under the company’s website named “AMD and Blockchain Technology”.

A New Partnership

The California-based chip maker that is Intel’s only significant competitor in the microchip manufacturing industry, and is known for its mining technology in the cryptocurrency space.

Now, AMD is partnering with ASROCK, Sapphire, MSI, ASUS, TUL, Biostar and Rajintek to create eight different crypto-mining rigs which will offer their users “ultimate stability”, “Enterprise-level quality” as well as “24/7 performance”.

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According to the announcement on AMD’s website, this partnership will bring about new solutions in Blockchain computing to the market. AMD also stated that these new crypto mining rigs were being designed to meet the aspirations of various innovative Blockchain based platforms and help in their advancement.

Currently, the pricing of these eight new rigs has not been released.

Interestingly enough, despite the fact that these were mining rigs, cryptocurrencies were only mentioned two times in the announcement. In one instance, cryptos were referred to as the best known use case of Blockchain technology. The second time the term was mentioned was in the heading of a section of the article – “Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrency”.

In an effort to bring more publicity for its new line of hardware, AMD also released an advance video on October 31. This video focuses on what Blockchain technology is. The video describes the core features of this new technology and lists security, integrity and trust as the new technology’s advantages.

Changing Attitude towards Blockchain

This announcement by AMD comes just a week after the chip maker released its third quarter financial performance report. In its Q3 results, the technology company showed that Blockchain-related GPU sales were “negligible” and that the average sale price of their GPU had also been lowered due to lower demand.

It is interesting to note that over the last few years, AMD has been known to have a rather negative attitude towards cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology.

As recently as April this year, AMD’s Chief Executive Officer, Lisa Su had commented that while Blockchain was a very important technology that had a lot of potential in terms of transactions, but in the short term, the technology was more of a distraction.


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