Asus Builds Motherboard for Crypto Mining

| Publish date: 06/03/2018

This is definitely good news to anyone who is interested in digital assets, as Asus is looking to build a powerful motherboard specifically designed for crypto mining. Perhaps the company has understood the need for such power, as a miner certainly requires a robust equipment. This should only boost the interest of many when it comes to cryptocurrency mining.

The Mining Master Motherboard

Asus’ new motherboard is built solely for crypto mining and it is called H370 Mining Master Motherboard. According to the technology giant, this motherboard is expected to change the crypto mining landscape for good. And unlike its predecessors, this motherboard is able to support up to 20 different graphics cards. Although users will still have to rely on riser cables, they may now opt to USB cables in order to plug into the PBC over PCIe. This is arguably an interesting upgrade that can further help interested miners.

Although there are a number of issues miners face when mining using GPUs, perhaps the most common one is the frequent disconnection of PCIe slots. And it is really a burden to troubleshoot. That is because there is just no way for a user to properly identify which slot is the root cause of the problem. Even if he is able to conquer this feat, he would have to dismantle everything. Obviously, this is even more troublesome.

The Features

The new Asus motherboard is not just about power and sophistication. It is also equipped with features that allow crypto miners to have more accurate diagnostics and easier maintenance tasks. These are especially important, as powering at least 20 GPUs through a single motherboard will need proper caution. It should be noted that most, if not all, graphics cards pull around 200 watts from the wall. And if it is multiplied by 20 – as well as pushing it through a single motherboard – it will without a doubt pose greater challenges to users.

With the upcoming arrival of H370 Mining Master Motherboard, it is safe to say that Asus is fully aware of the aforementioned concerns. For now, however, the company has yet to reveal a price, though it is very likely for users to pay around $400 just for this product. Including the cost of 20 GPUs, adequate memory, CPU, and a full-on mining rig, users who want to pursue crypto mining might just have to prepare at least $8,500 or more.


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