Bain Capital, Xpring Invest In ‘Scout Fund’

| Publish date: 04/11/2019

Robert Leshner is known for being the very founder of Compound Finance, which is a cryptocurrency money market. He is a decentralized finance entrepreneur who is currently looking to back a good number of young companies that are fond of utilizing institutional cash.

The Man Behind Robot Ventures

Interestingly, an official report suggests that Leshner has just combined million dollars straight from both Ripple’s Xpring and Bain Capital Ventures. The idea is to simply write exceptionally early-stage checks, all of which are meant for companies deemed to be quite new.

The project is dubbed Robot Ventures. As the name suggests, it is a play on Leshner’s first name. Even more so, it reportedly serves as a reminder that automation is on its way for all the work. Apparently, he believes that robots will soon have a huge role in the banking sector, as he believes that they would soon replace all banking jobs.

By essence, a scout fund is just a fairly recent development in the world of a much broader technology. Leshner, in particular, has no idea of another one capable of looking for cryptocurrency projects. That is why scout funds are known for operating in a secretive manner; hence, there is no way of telling.

It is worth noting that scout funds, in one way or another, are completely different from angel investors. This is simply due to the fact that the latter has a direct link to institutional money. Even more so, it has a complete interest in investing in later rounds.

The Funder Founder

Leshner sees himself as one of the very few cryptocurrency founders who love to invest this “early” and “formally.” It turns out that his Robot Ventures has already managed to perform at least two investments since its decision to back both Bain and Xpring. A known one is none other than Coinmine, which is a home-mining startup. The other one, according to the report, is a new kind of debit card called Point.

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As a founder, Leshner believes he can bring at least two advantages when it comes to spearheading Robot Ventures. First, he is capable of seeing the very new trends when talking about crypto finance from a grassroots level. Second, he can easily make himself uniquely relatable to young founders.

Leshner said that this is due to his working hours, most of which are focused on building Compound. Moreover, he is confident of being able to interact with other founders as a peer.


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