Craig Wright Ordered to Provide BTC Ownership Proof

| Publish date: 05/06/2019

On May 3, the US District Court of the Southern District of Florida ordered Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, to hand in a list of the public Bitcoin (BTC) addresses that he owned. This order was given as part of the ongoing case that Wright had filed against the estate of David Kleiman, the computer scientist who is believed to have been a part of the pseudonymous group called Satoshi Nakamoto that created BTC, and was signed by the Magistrate overseeing the case, Judge Bruce Reinhart.

Revealing All Details

The estate of David Kleiman had claimed that Wright had stolen thousands of BTCs on his death. Those BTCs allegedly stolen by Wright were worth over $5 billion in February of 2018, which is when Kleiman’s estate had first filed a lawsuit against him.

In the order, a number of the plaintiff’s requests have been listed. Kleiman’s estate requested the court to order Wright to produce the list of public Bitcoin addresses that he had owned since December 31, 2013.

The estate also asked for Wright to identify all the BTC that they claimed he had moved to a blind trust in 2011, as well as submit documents related to that blind trust. According to the allegations made by the plaintiffs, Wright moved about 1 million BTC to a mysterious trust in the Seychelles.

Added to that, the estate also demanded that Wright identify under oath the names of the current as well as past beneficiaries as well as trustees of that blind trust. The plaintiffs are demanding Wright’s deposition in relation to his ownership of the Bitcoins in question.

The court document also specified that the courts had rescinded its order on the accused’s previously filed request to seal information related to his BTC holdings.

The court gave Wright a deadline of May 15, 2019, by which time he was expected to produce all transactional documents related to the blind trust. This included – and also was not limited to – all records that showed transfers of BTC to the aforementioned trust in 2011. The court also ordered that Wright would have to submit all these documents with a sworn declaration of their authenticity.

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The court stated that it would take a decision on whether Wright’s deposition needed to be re-addressed after all the requirements in this order were met.

Clearing the Mystery of Kleiman and Wright

This lawsuit has been avidly followed by the crypto community has it could finally reveal whether Kleiman and Wright were actually involved in the creation of the world’s first and most valuable cryptocurrency, and even whether Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto as he claims.


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