Crypto Exchange ShapeShift Looks For New CFO

| Publish date: 02/24/2019

uncommon for cryptocurrency exchanges

ShapeShift, which is a digital currency exchange company, is looking to shift its management for the better. According to the official report, the firm wants to introduce a new CFO; hence, it is making steps to find one.

Succeeding Justing Blincoe

The company is on the move to look for a new chief financial officer. The idea is to allow the new member  to succeed Justin Blincoe. The latter, on the other hand, left the position in order to take on a new role at the firm. The change in management concerning the cryptocurrency exchange was announced officially by Emily Coleman, the chief marketing officer herself.

Coleman said that ShapeShift is consistent in its plan to evolve as a company. Part of this goal is to prepare and handle the next phase, which she suggests is going to bring dramatic growth. The executive, however, said that it is not an easy task to do.

The aforementioned chief marketing officer said that the company has already put forward a plan to do this effectively. Basically, the idea is to bring in someone who has new talent and expertise, qualities that they have been wanting to acquire since day one. new expertise and talent.

Coleman said that Mr. Blincoe is himself is overseeing and helping the move in this initiative. More importantly, he is expected to jump towards a new yet different senior finance role at the digital currency exchange company. But despite this move, he is still going to remain CFO in the interim.

The only catch, however, is that Coleman did not necessarily move details as to what the exact future of Blincoe is. She promised that this would be revealed in the near future.

ShapeShift’s Future

Just recently, ShapeShift revealed that the beta launch of its upcoming new version, which is designed specifically for the exchange, would be able to offer significant interoperability. What is more, the process is going to work alongside many of the company’s other products. This includes the titular hardware wallet called KeepKey, as well as the sophisticated pricing tracker known as CoinCap. As of press time, the company only made the latter available to a limited number of users or groups.

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As for the changes, they are still bound to arrive despite the handful of challenges. As a matter of fact, ShapeShift is seen as one of the many blockchain firms that had to perform significant staff cuts, which mostly happened during the infamous crypto winter.

Back in January this year, Eric Voorhees, the company’s very own CEO, revealed that they had laid off at least 37 employees. The figure, according to the official announcement, represent at least one third of the company’s staff. He referred to the move as something is deep and painful removal.


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