ETH Startup Aragon Wants To Launch Second Network

| Publish date: 02/02/2019

The developers behind Aragon, which is an Ethereum decentralized application (dapp), are looking to another network. The second system is expected to be launched on the blockchain interoperability protocol called Polkadot.

Releasing AragonOS

It holds true that Swiss company known as Aragon One AG plans to support the launch of Aragon Network on the ETH blockchain sometime this year. However, the co-founder of the upcoming project named Jorge Izquierdo said that the company might additionally put forward aragonOS this week. It is basically a framework specifically designed to build smart contacts via Polkadot.

According to Luis Cuende, the co-founder of Aragon, the firm’s goal is to make all transactions in aragonOS free and optimized. That way, users will have the ability to seamlessly run decentralized autonomous organizations in a manner that is both faster and more affordable.

Cuende further suggested that the firm is still quite bullish when it comes to Ethereum and its ecosystem. And when talking about the Aragon Network, their plans revolve around the idea of deploying it directly to the digital currency within the year. He, however, clarified that the idea of the launching the aragonOS on the Polkadot is still in its early stages of research.

Izquierdo shared the same sentiment, emphasizing that the Aragon Chain is on an early research stage. The company’s journey toward the launching of a Polkadot network will run parallel to its continued study on the forthcoming upgrade the ETH called Serenity.

‘An Early Warning Sign’

By essence, Polkadot is meant to coordinate “consensus and transaction delivery” between varying blockchain. Developed by Gavin Wood, the co-founder of Ethereum, the protocol is reportedly live on a supposed test network. Interestingly, it is expected to launch during the latter part of the year. In addition, the company revealed that it is hoping to raise about $60 million via a token sale.

The Polkadot came into existence back in 2016. Since then, it has seen a fast development. But as far as a number of ETH developers are concerned, this drastic development is considered “an early warning sign.” Doing so, according to them, could cause the digital currency to lose its edge.

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Apparently, the same idea is being echoed in a Reddit forum called “Ask Me Anything.” However, other developers are even less convinced that there is a necessity for concern – let alone worry – from the ETH community.

Take for example Afri Schoeden, the release manager for ETH client Parity. For him, people will still have to see how application developers embrace the aforementioned network as soon as it is launched. As of right now, the crypto has by far the most app developers and/or engineers, though this number could significantly change any time.


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