Hacker Steals Additional $180k ETH From Cryptopia

| Publish date: 01/31/2019

Around two weeks ago, an unknown hacker was successful in stealing at least $2.5 million – or 19,391 Ethereum – from the cryptocurrency exchange called Cryptopia. Following the attack, the firm was unable to provide details simply because of an on-going investigation. It could not also confirm the exact amount this time. Apparently, the company has been once again the victim of a hacker’s attack.

Hacker Back At It Again

According to the official report, Cryptopia’s hacker has grabbed an additional of 1,675 ETH directly from about 17,000 wallets. After going dormant for a couple of days, the hacker was able to steal an amount worth around $181,000 at the time of writing.

Initially, however, it looked like the digital currency exchange was only trying to move cryptocurrency in order to secure the remaining user funds. Apparently, the stolen Ethereum were being sent to a certain ETH address used primarily by the hacker – and yes, it is the same address from the previous exploiter.

Cryptopia said that the hacker does not only have the private keys, but he is also capable of withdrawing funds directly from any wallet at will. Of course, this put the firm’s users at a huge risk.

Users Not Informed

According to Elementus, a data analytics company, some of these wallets from the company are still being topped up by their respective users. This only means that they have no idea about what is happening, let alone informed about the recent security breach.

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The firm added that most, if not all, of the funds are coming straight from mining pools. It is safe to assume that these payments are being forward on behalf of users who decided to obtain their rewards automatically through “direct deposit.” Hence, they have not totally forgotten about it.

Just last week, the data analytics firm revealed another analysis suggesting that around $16 million worth of Ether – including some ERC-20 tokens – got stolen directly from a good number of Cryptopia wallets.

Hacking Cryptopia

As mentioned above, however, the digital currency exchange has not disclosed any information pertaining to the exact amount of loss to date. It even went offline last January 15, announcing a major hack that caused the company to suffer from “significant losses.”

A week later, the police have issued a statement confirming that the investigation is making “good progress.” Moreover, they are confident about the “positive lines of inquiry,” which are being developed in order to pinpoint the exact source of the transfer.


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