HTC To Launch 2019 Blockchain Phone, Exec Confirms

| Publish date: 05/01/2019

HTC has been vocal about its plans to leverage blockchain when it comes to manufacturing phones. Apparently, it is once again hell-bent at the idea of bringing another blockchain phone. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

The New HTC Blockchain Phone

In an official report, the Taiwanese consumer electronics giant is reportedly doubling down on its mission to provide consumers with blockchain features. These features, in particular, will be accessible on its cellphone.

According to Phil Chen, the company’s very own decentralized chief officer, they are already in preparation for a possible release of a second generation blockchain phone. The big reveal was made by the executive during a recent event held in Taipei. Chen added that the said phone will be dubbed the EXODUS, with a possible release later this year. Of course, nothing has been set in stone yet, but Chen is confident it will be the timeline.

It is worth noting that the company released the HTC EXODUS 1 back in October last year. The blockchain phone was first revealed to the public during the CoinDesk’s Consensus 2018 event, which was in May.

The phone features a crypto wallet and is capable of supporting decentralized applications (dapps). As far as the sales of the device are concerned, they exceeded the expectations of the company. Even Chen confirmed it during the aforementioned event.

Apparently, HTC is not the only phone manufacturer in the industry with an interesting towards the blockchain. Even is rival Sirin Labs, also a blockchain phone maker based in Israel is in the same area of interest. Unfortunately for the company, it had to remove a quarter of its workforce after experience a huge disappointment in its Finney phone sales.

New Features To Be Added

Chen, in an interview, iterated that the upcoming second-gen device will feature a handful of extra features. He said that these features are not exactly the same as the ones found in the current model.

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For instance, the new device is capable of extending its blockchain apps in an attempt to include other areas. This includes, but not limited to, social media, messaging and browsing. Chen also added that these apps are designed to further use peer-to-peer connections rather than just pass through cloud or mainframe boards, something that has been done in the past.

Interestingly, the executive launched his own blockchain-focused venture capital fund, which is reportedly worth $50 million. Along with two partners, he called it Proof of Capital, with an aim to bring the technology to the public by simply investing in early-stage startups.


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