Lightning Labs Introduces Desktop App On BTC Mainnet

| Publish date: 04/24/2019

Lightning Labs is considered to be among the largest BTC companies in the crypto space. It is also the mastermind behind the forthcoming scaling technology lightning. Interestingly, it is expected to release its first ever desktop app directly on the BTC blockchain.

The ‘Non-Custodial’ App

In the past, the aforementioned app could only work for the digital currency’s testnet. This time around, though, the app is expected to be working directly on the BTC mainnet. In other words, users will finally have the ability to use it in sending and receiving real-world money. Interestingly, the app from Lightning Labs is deemed “non-custodial,” which basically gives users have complete control over their BTC.

A blog post was posted courtesy of Tankred Hase and Valentine Wallace, both of which are developers at Lightning Labs. They call the “driving” of this release as somewhat a total commitment, which is aimed at scaling the principles that the world’s leading crypto was directly built on. And these are none other than, security, privacy, and self-determination.

With that said, Lightning Labs is trying to go beyond the normal custodial solutions, as well as all enthusiast guides. Even more so, it is looking forward to the possibility of delivering a much better user experience for everyone looking to use the app.

Built For ‘Advanced Users’

Obviously, the app from the company is not the only one of its kind. There are also others out there that have already worked with real BTC nowadays. This includes, but not limited to, Zeus, Zap, and Bluewallet. But as far as Lightning Labs is concerned, it is without a doubt the largest company to release a BTC mainnet application so far. It should be noted that the firm was originally started by the creators of lightning.

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The app is said to be available on both iOS and Android. Developers explained that while the app is considered mainnet, it is still specifically designed for “advanced users.” These are individuals who, in one way or another, are trying to test out the promising technology. As always, there is the possibility of losing money when sending it on what remains to be an unfinished tech.

The other huge part of the upcoming release is that the desktop can incorporate Neutrino. The latter, in particular, is a “light client” tech that requires users to download much less of the BTC blockchain in an attempt to verify all transactions.


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