Samsung Reveals Blockchain Partners For New Phone

| Publish date: 02/27/2019

Samsung, the South Korean giant firm, has reportedly unveiled some of its blockchain partners. According to the official report, the partnership is meant for the smartphone manufacturer’s upcoming flagship mobile device called the Galaxy S10.

Working With Blockchain Partners

During the company’s Samsung Mobile Business Summit session, which took place at MWC Barcelona 2019, it revealed that the new mobile device’s Blockchain Keystore to a good number of affiliates and customers. At that time, it displayed an image that highlighted the logo for Cosmee.

It is worth noting that Cosmee, in particular, is a beauty community service decentralized app (dapp). Not only does it come from the Cosmochain cryptocurrency project, but it also shares origins with the Enjin crypto gaming platform.

Cosmochain is believed to have recently confirmed its relationship with Samsung. Specifically designed for the connection of beauty industry companies with customers, the project is capable of incentivizing users in order to create content. A popular one is a reviewing rewards in its cosmo coin (COSM), which is an Ethereum-powered ERC-20 token.

As for users of Cosmee, they are given the ability to share their cosmo coins directly in the aforementioned phone’s cryptocurrency wallet. The CEO of Cosmochain named Howong Song said that the blockchain team of Samsung’s Electronics Wireless Division has been looking for dapps, specifically those that have been commercialized, since last year. And through this, the company was able to be selected as the partner of the said mobile device. Song added that they performed tons of meetings in order to verify both the model and the technology.

Samsung and Enjin

It holds true that the Enjin logo was vividly displayed at the above-mentioned event. However, its direct partnership with the South Korea-based company Samsung has yet to be confirmed. Interestingly, there have been promotional shots surfacing on Twitter, all of which showcase a certain wallet app on the Galaxy S10. And it really looks similar with the Enjin offering.

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Enjin, by essence, is a digital currency project that targets the gaming industry. It has its own platform meant solely for the development of blockchain gaming. Apparently, though, its platform is also heavily focused on in-game stuff and the ERC-20 token called Enjin coin (ENJ).

According to other reports, an individual aware with the new phone from Samsung said that the smartphone and appliances giant has been in dozens of dialogues with Enjin. In fact, it is a narrative that has been going on for six months already. The reports add that having the ability to store tokens for both projects on the device’s wallet app could make it much easier to use the apps.


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