Startup Behind ETH Releases Lightning Dev Tools

| Publish date: 04/06/2019

The company called Radar has unveiled a brand new suite of tools designed for developers working directly on the lightning network. It is worth noting that the startup has managed to raise at least $10 million in a series A funding last year. The said network, on the other hand, is Bitcoin’s very own second layer when it comes to scaling payments.

A Brand New Suite of Tools

According to the official report, the new suite of tools is expected to arrive at the Bolthaton hackathon. They will reportedly include a configuration helper, which is meant for setting up a lightning node and, at the same time, put up an invoice “playground.” The latter, in particular, is where users can easily test if their respective lightning node is capable of connecting to other nodes.

Moreover, there is a liquidity tool for enabling users to both send and receive payments with ease. This is basically a feature that appears to be quite challenging, especially since the technology itself is still under heavy development.

The tools are a part of Radar ION, which is basically Radar’s site and where users are onboard for lightning. All of the participants in the upcoming virtual Boltathon conference are encouraged to test and utilize these tools. The conference is going to feature a hackathon specifically dedicated to lightning.

The Many Potentials of Lightning Technology

While Radar is popularly known for developing Radar Ready, which is a decentralized exchange, this appears to be the team’s public debut branching out into the BTC realm. And the firm is doing this by simply focusing on the lightning technology. Also, Radar Ready is the type of decentralized exchange that allows trading of tokens without the burden of having a middleman over Ethereum.

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According to Brandon Curtis, the product lead at Radar, the team is constantly scanning the horizon in attempt to discover groundbreaking technologies. He added that the company’s R&D department was able to identify lightning as a very promising technology, a discovery they obtained last year. Basically, Curtis and his team believe that the technology is more than just capable of performing solely for payments. And while the firm’s very first product was an ETH decentralized application (dapp), its parent brand (Radar) is committed to developing products for the company’s upcoming financial system.

Curtis added that they already have plans on further building out this specific functionality. In fact, their developers are successful in creating different types of apps on top of the lightning network.


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