Telegram Releases Personal ID Authentication Tool

| Publish date: 07/28/2018

Telegram, the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry’s encrypted messenger app, announced that it has released a new personal identification authorization tool called Telegram Passport.

With a growing number of apps and platforms new making user identification a mandatory requirement, Telegram is looking to take away the hassle of uploading documents’ scans repeatedly, thereby easing out the verification process, while also ensuring that customers’ IDs are kept safe.

Sharing Data with Third Parties

Telegram Passport is a single sign-on facility for services that require users to provide real world identification such as passports, drivers’ licenses or other documents such as financial services or even ICOs.

According to Telegram, Passport will allow users to store their personal identification data on the company’s cloud. Then, when they require to send it to third parties, users can access their data on Telegram’s cloud and send it directly to the services that need that information with just one click.

Considering that this would be extremely sensitive data, Telegram is ensuring that all data uploaded to their cloud would be kept safe with end-to-end encryption. Over and above that, the encrypted data is also password protected and Telegram guarantees that it cannot access a user’s data from their end. The only two parties that would be able to access that data would be the user and the third party the user shares the data with.

Telegram also said that while currently users’ data would be stored on their cloud, in the near future all Passport’s data would be moved to a decentralized cloud.

Success Tied to Other Companies

Telegram Passport is currently only integrated with online payments platform ePayments. According to Telegram, this is the first electronic payments system that supports registration as well as verification using the new Passport tool.

However, for this new tool to be useful, it will need more than just one company supporting it. To this end, the Telegram is offering its Passport tool to developers for free. The company has put up instructions on how this tool can be integrated to another company’s platform on its developer website. Additionally, Telegram has also set up a test page for users to see how the new tool works. To be able to use Telegram Passport, users need to ensure that they have the latest version of the app installed.

Telegram’s founder and CEO Pavel Durov has been featured in Fortune’s “40 Under 40” list and has been called one of the biggest disruptors of global businesses. However, how Telegram Passport is adopted by the larger community still needs to be seen.


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