UK Public Transport Providers Partner With Crypto Firm

| Publish date: 02/04/2019

One of the biggest public transport providers in the United Kingdom called Go-Ahead Group Plc., is said to be working alongside the blockchain startup DOVU. Through this partnership, the two companies are confident that they can come up with a tokenized rewards program specifically built for railway users.

Introducing the Tokenized-Reward System

The aforementioned transport provider, which is among the FTSE 250, offers over a billion bus and rail journeys in the U.K. every year. Apart from being a major bus service operator situated in London, the company’s services also account for at least 30 percent of the train passenger journeys in the country.

According to the official report, DOVU is scheduled to launch its own blockchain-powered rewards system. The latter, in particular, is capable of using the native ERC-20 token called DOV. This will be utilized particularly for the Group’s titular Thameslink and Southern Rail services. The digital currency-based incentivization platform will reward members for simply sharing their travel data. It has on the first and last leg of passengers’ journeys.

Krasina Mileva, the COO and co-founder at DOVU, recently stated that the above-mentioned rewards system will give Go-Ahead Group Plc. “actionable data.” As a result, the company can significantly boost its efficiencies and further improve its services.

The platform, however, is not just about encouraging data sharing. That is because it will be also utilized to reward commuters with cryptos for changes related to their travel behavior. The only catch, though, is that it remains uncertain as to what true nature of these changes. NOVU did not also clarify it on the post.

Helping the Transport Industry

The new partnership between the transport provider and blockchain company follows on from the latter’s participation as the finalist in the former’s accelerator scheme, which is known as The Billion Project. It is specifically focused on the development of innovative proofs-of-concept, as well as the improvement of scale solutions meant for the entire transport industry.

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As previously reported, DOVU partnered before with a huge automobile manufacturer called BMW. The alliance was also on the same idea of building a tokenized rewards system, which encourages drivers to track their mileage on their leased cars.

Just last month, Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) – a major railway operator in Germany – formed a partnership with blockchain integration platform called Unibright. The goal was to explore the many possibilities of tokenizing its own ecosystem. The railway company, which is deemed the largest in all of Europe, is looking to determine whether decentralized solutions are capable of cutting operational costs.


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