SigOne Capital Partners with DV Chain to Help Accelerate Maturity and Growth of the Cryptoasset OTC Market.

| Publish date: 05/21/2019 (Last updated: December 10, 2019 08:55 AM)

While the cryptoasset market continues to recover from the bear market lows, across the board we are beginning to see the rise of new mature market participants and a level of sophistication being brought into the sector.  As we’ve seen a continued influx of players from the traditional financial sector enter into the space, we’ve also seen the limits of traditional liquidity channels in the crypto asset ecosystem as investors that are looking to take big positions are having a hard time doing so efficiently.

The issues of liquidity and timely settlements in the crypto ecosystem have become more prevalent recently as the demand for large block trades have increased with the introduction of more institutional investors and bigger players. Furthermore, in recent years the OTC space has become crowded with far too many intermediaries masquerading as professional brokers, unknown custodians and sketchy lawyers peddling OTC Bitcoin trades with outlandish terms.

In order to help remedy some of the issues plaguing the crypto OTC space, SigOne Capital, an institutional grade over the counter broker for trading crypto assets, has joined forces with DV Chain, an affiliate company of proprietary trading organization DV Trading and IIROC Dealer Independent Trading Group. The partnership is designed to embolden both parties to expand their reach and influence in the crypto trading ecosystem. By pairing SigOne’s experience, relationships and contacts throughout the industry with DV Chain’s trading, settlement and back office infrastructure, they can offer a suite of products and a level of service not currently available in the industry.

The SigOne team led by Genia Mikhalchenko and Michael Rabkin, bring with them a wealth of experience as they are the former founding team members of TMX Group’s crypto asset trading desk “Shorcan DCN”, where we helped bridge the traditional capital markets and crypto asset ecosystem
. Combined, they have been trading and managing cryptocurrencies since 2013 and have been front and centre in watching the ecosystem evolve through some of its most formative years.

The partnership between SigOne Capital & DV Chain stems from a shared interest and vision for the future of crypto assets and helping to build out the infrastructure for true global liquidity. As the crypto ecosystem continues to evolve, it’s important to help expand the various global pipelines of liquidity between key players and participants. A point that has been consistently voiced in the industry is the lack of clarity when it comes to trading cryptoassets. SigOne Capital & DV Chain have focused on addressing this and have come together to provide a transparent platform for parties to transact on. With the combined resources, networks and knowledge of SigOne Capital and DV Chain, they are confident that not only are they greater than the sum of their parts, but that they will make a meaningful market impact.

SigOne & DV Chain provide OTC brokerage services, market making as well as a borrowing and lending platform for crypto assets for institutional investors, institutional traders, funds, token projects, miners, individuals & high net worth individuals.

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