Market Update 4.3019 – Bitfinex To Issue An Exchange Token

| Publish date: 04/30/2019

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Bitfinex To Issue An Exchange Token

Bifinex, which is a crypto exchange based in Hong Kong, is looking at the possibility of issuing a proprietary exchange token. Dong Zhao, who is known for being an over-the-counter trader in China, reportedly announced it via weibo. The stakeholder at the company also confirmed that the exchange is interested in planning the said issuance.

Zhao, however, suggested that as far as the details about the narrative are concerned, they are yet to be “100 percent confirmed.” Bitfinex has also declined giving further details. As of press time, it remains a mystery as to how entirely the plan will be executed. The same thing can be said in terms of what expectations the participants could have.

Interestingly, the claim comes following the allegations courtesy of the New York Attorney General’s office. The latter suggests that the exchange managed to lose at least lost $850 million, both in customer and corporate funds.

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Galaxy Digital Lost $272.7M In 2018

The crypto merchant bank called Galaxy Digital Holdings reportedly lost around $97 million in the fourth quarter. As far as the net loss is concerned, it is believed to have widened from $76.7 million in the third quarter, not to mention the $100,000 in the year earlier. So, in a sense, 2018 – the company’s first full year of operation – had lost around $272.7 million in total.

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The majority of the red ink in the said year is said to be $101.4 million, a figure that was made possible after selling digital assets at a loss. Galaxy Digital Holdings was also unfortunate in recording $75.5 million in paper losses on digital currency it held that declined in price.

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SEC Suspends Trading In Bitcoin Generation

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has decided to issue a temporary suspension trading of shares concerning Bitcoin Generation. The latter is basically a self-described digital currency exchange and mining company.

SEC revealed the news that it would suspend said activity until 11:59 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time come May 10. The decision to do so is because of concerns that some information the firm has made public could be inaccurate.

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Total Market Cap: April 30

The trade volume in the crypto space had obtained $45.60 billion in the past 24 hours. As for the market capitalization, it reached $168.95 billion.

Bitcoin Price Analysis: April 30

Bitcoin remains to be the world’s leading cryptocurrency, although it fell by 1.19% and succumbed to a trade price of $5,239.70. Meanwhile, its trade volume and market capitalization registered $14.21 billion and $92.61 billion, respectively.

Ethereum Price Analysis: April 30

Ethereum also fell by 0.09% and obtained a trade price of $157.60. As for the altcoin’s trade volume, it reached $6.46 and its market cap $16.68 billion.

State of the Top 10 Cryptocurrencies: April 30

Tether is the only crypto to experience a rise in the past 24 hours. Meanwhile, Cardano remained firm in its 10th spot.

  • Bitcoin’s market price fell 1.19% to $5,239.70, with a market value of $61 billion.
  • Ethereum’s market price fell 0.09% to $157.60, and the market value is $16.68 billion.
  • XRP’s market price fell 1.09% to $295576. The crypto’s market value is set at $12.42 billion.
  • EOS’s market price fell at 2.85% to $4.59, and the confirmed value in the market is $4.33 billion.
  • Litecoin’s market price fell 0.83% to $69.36, and market value topped $4.27 billion.
  • Bitcoin Cash fell in terms of market price at 5.51% to $239.98 in price, and as far as its market value is concerned, it is $4.26 billion.
  • Binance Coin’s price in the market fell 3.78% to $21.75, and its value in the market is $3.07 billion.
  • Tether jumped 0.45% to $1.00 in terms of market price, and market value is said to at $2.84 billion.
  • Stellar’s market price fell 3.00% to $096507, and its value in the market is $1.84 billion.
  • Cardano was steadfast in holding the 10th spot, removing TRON in the process. However, the crypto experienced a fall of 4.37% that resulted to a trade price of $0.065520 and a market value of $1.70 billion.

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