Market Update 4.27.18 – 16,000 BTC Moved From Mt. Gox Wallets

| Publish date: 04/27/2018

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16,000 BTC Moved From Mt. Gox Wallets

CryptoGround, the news site that monitors the Mt. Gox wallets, reported that 16,000 BTC, worth about $140 million, was moved from four separate Mt. Gox wallet addresses. The Bitcoins were broken down into smaller 2,000 BTC batches, till all four wallets were down to a zero balance.

The wallets have been under the care of Mt. Gox’s bankruptcy trustee, Nobuaki Kobayashi. He revealed in March this year that he had already sold off about $400 million worth of Bitcoin as well as Bitcoin Cash from the Mt. Gox wallets.

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Binance Denies Allegations of Breach of Contract

Binance released a statement which denied allegations that its Chief Executive Officer Changpeng Zhao had broken a contract for exclusivity with venture capital firm Sequoia last year.

Sequoia has requested a temporary order against Zhao to prevent him from entering into negotiations with other investors. Sequoia claims that the exchange broke off its deal with the venture capital firm in December last year allegedly because the terms of the deal became unfavourable for Binance after the price of Bitcoin soared.

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SBI Holdings Invests in Templum

According to a press release, SBI Holdings, Japan’s financial services giant, has invested in Templum, a fintech company that targets offering regulated securities cryptocurrencies.

With SBI’s investment, Templum reached its $10 million fundraising target, which the fintech startup will use to rope in accredited and institutional investors. Templum’s website describes the product offering as Tokenized Asset Offerings that are compliant with regulators’ guidelines. The startup is leading a 61-bank consortium that is working towards building a payments app which will use Ripple’s platform.

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Total Market Cap: Apr 27

Market volatility has been strong in the last few days, with market prices jumping up and down. Trading volume continues to drop for the second day in a row to $25.41 billion. Market capitalization, on the other hand, jumped up to $422.02 billion in that time period.

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Apr 27

Bitcoin’s price jumped up 5.36% to $9350.85. BTC’s trade volume dropped further in the last 24 hours to $8.05 billion. However, the cryptocurrency’s market cap rose sharply to $159.14 billion.

Ethereum Price Analysis: Apr 27

Ethereum’s token price went up 7.32% to trade at $678.15. A volume of trade for the altcoin in the last one day dropped to $2.68 billion. ETH’s market capitalization, however, rose to $67.43 billion.

State of the Top 10 Cryptocurrencies: Apr 27

The cryptocurrency’s volatility continues, with market capitalizations shooting up despite lower trading volumes. All the top ten cryptocurrencies gained in the last 24 hours. The biggest gainers were IOTA, with a 16.11% jump to trade at $2.09, and Stellar, which rose by a big 11.61% to a token value of $0.418693.

  • Bitcoin climbed up to $9350.85, a 5.36% gain. The crypto’s market value went up to $159.14 billion.
  • Ethereum climbed up to $678.15, a 7.32% gain. The crypto’s market value went up to $67.43 billion.
  • Ripple climbed up to $0.854431, a 6.97% gain. The crypto’s market value went up to $33.44 billion.
  • Bitcoin Cash climbed up to $1415.90, a 7.19% gain. The crypto’s market value went up to $24.2 billion.
  • EOS climbed up to $16.42, a 10.72% gain. The crypto’s market value went up to $13.44 billion.
  • Litecoin climbed up to $152.57, a 5.59% gain. The crypto’s market value went up to $8.58 billion.
  • Stellar climbed up down to $0.418693, an 11.61% gain. The asset’s market cap has now gone up to $7.77 billion.
  • Cardano climbed up to $0.294782, a 7.27% gain. The crypto’s market value went up to $7.64 billion.
  • IOTA climbed up to $2.09, a 16.11% gain. The crypto’s market value went up to $5.80 billion.
  • NEO climbed up to $76.84, a 7.58% gain. The crypto’s market value went up to $4.99 billion.

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