Battlestar Capital Earns 30% Returns For Holding Crypto

| Publish date: 03/27/2019

Battlestar Capital, which is a blockchain staking-as-a-service company, revealed that customers could potentially earn up to 30 percent on a yearly basis when it comes to their idle crypto holdings. Here is everything about the startup’s claims in a nutshell.

Teaming Up With Celsius Network

In an interview, the company said that it has teamed up with crypto lending startup called Celsius Network in an attempt to launch a large-scale service capable of offering potentially high returns. Although the announcement from the firm did not necessarily provide a lower guide when it comes to estimated returns, its official website suggests that returns have the possibility to be as low as five percent annually through its staking service.

Funds and individuals who no necessarily have the expertise or even time manage the regular tasks of staking would greatly benefit from the service provided by Battlestar Capital. The tasks mentioned by the startup, in particular, refer to the idea of supporting a PoS or proof-of-stake network by holding the token and getting rewards in return. The company is confident that this is due to the fact that it can protect all holdings of investors, not to mention have the ability to provide portfolio yield.

Diversifying Investors’ Portfolio

According to Meltem Demirors, the advisor to Battlestar Capital, when it comes to staking, most of today’s custody players tend to sidestep. Even most staking agencies, he added, love to avoid custody simply because of the risks associated. But with the company, both of these are strategically combined under one roof.

Adam Carver, the CEO of the startup, said that investors are looking to diversify their portfolio, especially after Bitcoin experienced a significant 85 percent drop. And the only way for these investors to do so is to perform diversification by simplystaking other coins. PoS coins, in particular, have proven to be a profitable avenue for these investors, Carver said. This report includes Bitcoin maximalists, which also believe that passive holdings result in sizeable yield.

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Celsius Network, on the other hand, is looking to include five PoS coins, namely, Horizen, Zcoin, Decred, Tezos, and Cardano. All of these will be added to its already existing crypto assets, which is currently at a total of 17. The inclusion will take place over the next three months.

According to Zcoin’s very own COO named Reuben Yap, Battlestar Cap allows hosting masternodes like Zcoin’s Znode a lot more accessible. He added that one of the unique features the startup provides is a secure MPC or multi-party computation.


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