BMW, Intel Team Up With Government-Backed Blockchain Accelerator

| Publish date: 03/25/2019

BMW Group Asia has reportedly teamed up with Intel Nielsen in what appears to be a massive move in the sector. The partnership, which deems them as corporate partners, is to work alongside the Singapore government-backed blockchain accelerator called Tribe.

Sharing Their Own Knowledge

According to the official report, Tribe Accelerator revealed the news and claimed that all three companies will help each other by sharing knowledge. More importantly, they will work closely in handling each of their subject expertise in their separate sector.

Apparently, the aforementioned firms are expected to working alongside Tribe’s very own startups in an attempt to help build an “inclusive ecosystem,” one that is equipped and ready for the so-called “industry 4.0.”

Take for example BMW Group Asia. For starters, it will be responsible for providing “masterclasses.” In addition, it will offer mentoring sessions that will tackle more on the idea of how blockchain technology – including all of its solutions – can be implemented and utilized in what may be a mass market situation.

Helping Startups With Proof-Of-Concepts

According to the vice president of the company named Carsten Sapia, they hope that through this initiative they can help of each these startups when it comes to developing their own proof-of-concepts. At the same time, the executive believes that this support can help these companies reach the next stage of their much-needed development. It is worth noting that Sapia is the VP of group IT and, at the same time, the head of the BMW Group Asia in the Asia Pacific region.

As for Michael Reed, the program director at Intel, the company offers a handful of technologies helpful in this goal. For instance, it has the Intel SGX and Intel Xeon Scalable, both of which are specifically designed to help improve security, privacy, and even scalability of blockchain solutions.

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Nielsen, on the other hand, is also expected to play a crucial role in the overall initiative. Basically, it will be the one in charge of providing a so-called sandbox with the primary objective of offering participants a much safer and better-controlled environment. And by doing so, they can have better take at testing new technologies and, more importantly, accelerating the adoption of their own solutions.

Ryan Chew, the managing partner at Tribe Accelerator, said that there is a need to “move forward as a society.” And in order to do so, everyone has to be encouraged when it comes to experimentation. As soon as the benefits offered by blockchain become evident, there is no doubt that mainstream adoption will follow.


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