Microsoft Outlook Hackers Reportedly Stole Cryptos

| Publish date: 05/01/2019

Crypto hacking has been one of the major concerns in the space right now. Unfortunately, another incident has emerged recently, involving Microsoft’s very own Outlook. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

The Microsoft Breach in a Glimpse

Reports suggest that hackers were able to breach Microsoft Outlook, allowing them to utilize the email service in stealing funds from crypto users. The exploiters were reportedly successful in gaining entry to the accounts of customer support employees from Microsoft. From there, they managed to obtain access to non-corporate email accounts, including the likes of MSN and Hotmail.

Microsoft subsequently confirmed the unfortunate news. The tech giant added that it has already started its own internal investigation. Apparently, though, the attack made it possible for hackers to steal cryptos. It turns out that digital currencies from victims were obtained, as confirmed by said victims.

According to Jevon Ritmeester, one of the victims, his Kraken crypto exchange account had been breached. And, as a result, he lost at least 1 BTC, which is, as of press time, worth $5,260. Ritmeester took to social media to air his disappointment, letting people know about the recent breach.

The aforementioned victim added that after he visited Kraken, he started searching his emails in Outlook. Before doing so, however, he was already wondering why his password would not work. Later on, he discovered that a number of notifications of the changed login were deleted and moved to trash.

The Hacking Process

Ritmeester also said that someone managed to enable Outlook in an attempt to automatically move any email that mentions Kraken straight to the trash. It would then subsequently forward the message to a certain Gmail address, which is believed to be owned by the hackers.

The victim clarified that he did not enable the two-factor authentication (2FA) on his Kraken account. Apparently, the exchange announced just last month its compulsory 2FA process, which is designed to improve security among users.

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Other also confirmed that they lost digital currencies as a result of the Microsoft breach. A victim by the username of “Keats852” went to Reddit to announce that he lost around 25,000 in cryptocurrency (although he did not specify which crypto). And pretty much like Ritmeester, hackers were able to access and delete his emails altogether.

The victims were disappointed, as Microsoft seems to not take the recent breach “seriously.” Some of them have already voiced out their plan to file a police complaint.


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